"Cannot believe I didn't do this sooner! I had such an amazing day with Kim. All I can say about the experience is "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"  And everyone has noticed my amazing wardrobe. Can’t wait to do it again.

Really - she is amazing, talented, patient. I loved the experience.

 - Melinda, MATCH.COM


"I was interested in having someone give my wardrobe a facelift...and what I got was a completely new Lifestyle!”

- Stephanie, REUTERS


“Thanks again! I've gotten compliments on EVERY SINGLE THING I've worn, especially the mango-coloured dress. I wasn't prepared for all the compliments I received at work from a usually tip-lighted crowd.”



“Must share...I just boarded the Jitney for the weekend, dressed in the outfit you chose, freshly salon blown out hair and my new makeup. I feel like a million bucks thanks to you! You are amazing. I can't thank you enough.”



“I had a treatment shot yesterday and felt so groggy and achey this morning. Then I looked in my closet and got excited about all my new outfits and smiled for a minute reminding myself even if I feel not so great on the inside, I sure will look hot on the outside :) Thank you.



“Kim’s Closet clean out is the BEST THING EVER, it's like a new lease on life. You can't imagine what's back there in your closet that you've totally forgotten about. So even if you don't go shopping, for new clothes, it feels like you have. Because she's empathetic and funny, the time flies and you're laughing the entire time. When you're not crying over past fashion mistakes.



"I did two shopping tours with Kim -- TOTALLY WORTH IT. She is lightning fast. You stand in a dressing room and suddenly heaps of beautiful, flattering (!) clothes appear for you to try on. She helps determine the fit and she only picks what you NEED to compliment your wardrobe, since she already knows all the clothes in your closet (post cleanout). She can shop anywhere and find gems. One of my favorite is a skirt from Saks Fifth Avenue. I would never be able to sift through all the miles of clothing racks to find what she finds. She's a fashion genius. The Look Books she made for me are fantastic and totally useful. I always leave the house feeling my best, which makes a surprisingly big difference in my life.”

- Elizabeth, CORCORAN


“Many compliments today! Even got my first inappropriate whistle from a female colleague.”



“Before Kim, getting ready in the morning became a sort of torture. I found myself alternating between the same boring outfits over & over again and nothing made me feel good. But she is AMAZING. Not only is she a joy to be around (like someone you've been friends with for years), but she literally transformed my entire wardrobe within a matter of hours and has forever changed the way I see fashion. She made it so much fun! And miraculously infused my wardrobe with style.”



“I was initially reluctant to hire a stylist, because I thought it might be a frivolous or unnecessary expense, but now that I've done it I honestly wish I had done it sooner. I would have saved myself a lot of time and frustration, and frankly quite a lot of money spent on useless clothes that don't serve my wardrobe. Anyone looking to feel and look their absolute best should contact Kim today!”



“Thanks again for all your help and advice yesterday. I'm excited to wear the outfits you put together for me. You put together some really nice looks! I didn't even realize how many at the time.”