Drop the cupcake. Crop tops are here. (damnit!)

by kim naci

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Your Spring 2014 Trend Cheat Sheet


Wide Pants. And not a minute too soon! Especially in white. Because that day is just around the corner, when you're standing on the subway platform with sweat trickling down your neck wishing for ANYTHING other than the skinny jeans you are wearing. And a blast of A/C.

Florals. Why not? It's Spring.

Pastels. Take a peek at my last post - pastels allow you to take risks. Matched with floral, pastels become the Best Supporting Actor to a Metallic shoe or belt. And movie magic is made. Sweet needs her Tart; pair the pastels with distressed denim.

The Crop Top. Let's stop pretending it's not a Trend. So drop the scrumptious cupcake, wish Lisette in Merchandising well (was that her name? all you remember was devils food cake and cream cheese frosting) and leave the party in Conference Room 2 with your unshakable discipline.

The Midi Skirt will embolden you with its more conservative length. A welcomed companion to your Crop Top.  And who says you can't pair it with a jacket? 

Remember;  pastels, sheers and florals are light and airy. If worn head-to-tootsies, you just may float away. Anchor the look with animal print or metallic accessories.

(Top left: BCBG Max Azria, Top right: Narciso Rodriguez, Bottom center: Alexander Lewis, Bottom right: trend overload, check back later)