BLISTER-FREE FLATS (man, i need a sexier headline)

by kim naci

Prada's being a little lenient this season and offering them in a neutral too. Studs and all!

When the commute has taken a toll on your beloved Tom's, there's always Tory (not Spelling)

You got your d'Orsay, your hot color for summer, your comfy heel…all in all, the perfect flat!

What? Im going to find a nude patent leather Miu Miu flat with a bow and not post it?

Subway platform, to playground, to party. Not necessarily in that order. But Kudos to Kooba! We're all been anticipating your expansion to shoes.

Because they barely go with anything, wear them with EVERYTHING.

Pardon moí...My Francophile needs to be fed and these Repettos will do nicely, mercí.


So there you have it. A little variety for your usual go to commuter footwear choice of Tom's, flip-flopsand / or Chuck Taylors. They need a break. Thanks, Julianna, for the great post suggestion!