by kim naci

When it comes to a Spring boot, I say "Fashion Favors the Bold." Which at times contradicts another saying of mine, "This better not be Dry Clean Only"

But bare legs with a boot is just the type of contradiction our fickle weather demands.  

And Im not just saying that because of my unbridled anticipation of wearing the tall lovelies I snatched at the Net-A-Porter sample sale over the weekend. (Nearly chipped a veneer!)

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.53.58 PM.png

(I secretly love that there's still snow on the street in late March)

The easiest way to water down the drama of a tall boot for a chíc office look is to pair it will an a-line or boxy silhouette.


'Cept for Victoria Beckham. She can do whatever she wants.