WHAT TO WEAR FOR MOVING DAY #thestruggleisreal

by kim naci

Summer is almost here and the streets are flooded with moving trucks. So, dear reader(s) this post is more life lessons than chíc office looks. But useful, nonetheless.


1 - Make sure the movers have your new address. This may seem logical. It is not.

2 - Ship off the children, making sure that iPad is charged with the power of a car battery.

3 - Label everything. With specifics other than "Crap I Like to Keep on Top of White Credenza"


Pockets. You will lose your phone multiple times. Your children once, maybe twice. Your phone? Multiple times. 

Overalls. You'll be tempted to pair with awesome gladiators but will think twice when carrying those Jonathan Adler nesting tables with the beautifully sharp edges. #CautionaryTale





Another option. Cargo pants. Oh stop cringing, you know this is going somewhere good.


And how to bring utilitarian to the office... 

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Similar items here: Pants / Jacket / Tank Top / Shades / Shoes