Putting the Bee in his Bonnet

by kim naci

Am I doing this right?

Non-celebs rejoice, the cold weather is here. You can wear your knit cap, beanies, hats (whatever Taylor Swift is calling them now in yet another song about a guy she sleep with) without fear of sweating and ruining the look you’ve assembled. 

When selecting the perfect knit c/b/h to compliment your formalwear you’ve undoubtedly selected (a nod, Mr. Kutcher) its important to place emphasis on just how much you don’t place emphasis on your appearance. Be strategic. Make sure the c/b/h is pushed far enough towards the back of your head to not interfere with your attire, but present enough to let the world know. “hey, fame doesn’t change me. Its freezing in LA and sometimes I need a hat.”

(oh yeah, ducked into LOFT when it began to rain and found this scarf. cute color)