Mall Chick - Fil - A

by kim naci

Am I holding up a bustle in this photo?

Or trying to conceal a drink that was served on the earlier side of happy hour? Either way, enjoy this sugar sweet photo from the launch party of Style For Hire

The Style For Hire team has been sending in their armies into the malls across America. Walk into the Style Lounge and Zing! Zap! Zoom!…instant makeover!

Read about the experience and stop by next time you want to:

a) shop for back to school clothes

b) get that “double piercing” in your ear, already. you’ve talked about it since Wham

c)  address that void that can only be filled with the unnatural taste of a delicious Orange Julius. 

15 minutes. Thats less time than getting a manicure. And it won’t even chip!