Its like looking in a mirror.

by kim naci

Dior and Raf Simons.

If only there was a way to tell these two designers apart.

3 days ago it was announced that Raf Simons  is going to take over as artistic director at Christian Dior. Initially a shock, we all later agreed smugly that it was the obvious choice. Closing our eyes and saying things like “Just look at the way they both love peplums.”

Marc is having a hard time being Marc. Lets give him a break and pretend that salary was the reason why that deal didn’t go through.

You just can’t help but be pleased for Raf. Already a distinguished designer with a loyal following (his loyalists make slicked back hair look fresh and cool. the rest of us just look greasy), Raf doesn’t need our applause.

But he’s looks so damn humble you just want to scream “Nobody puts Baby in the corner!…I mean,  Sandy finally gets to show Danny Zuko that she too can rock a slutty look …ok,not slutty, but fancy in a spandex-for-daytime-carnival sort of way……did this analogy ever have any hope?”

Raf, go show us how sexy simple can be.