Naughty-naughty N train

by kim naci

Summer in the city. Inspirational.

Subway train schedule in the summer in the city. Ruthless.

After riding three different uptown trains in an effort to get downtown, this Saturday, I was wiped. Descending the staircase to take the N/R (or as they say - Never / Rarely) I noticed two foreign looking boys asking girls for directions. Girls giggled and said something daft like “we’re tourists and dont know anything.” I wanted to tell the girls to spit out their gum, take off those VonDutch hats and go live out the Y Tu Mama Tambien fantasy.

Reunited on the platform, I confirm for the boys (We’re calling them Gael and Diego because this is my fantasy, my rules) the trains going uptown. We board and sit together and I learn theyre from Brazil studying abroad in Canada. They went to Times Sq last night in search of “a party or a pub” (did you feel your heart just break?). As my stop approaches, I draw them a quick map of the island and circle the Meatpacking District. “Is Meatpacking the name of the pub?” one asks. I told them it was a land of nightclubs. They smiled and poured over the map. As the train left, I saw a tear of joy roll down Diego’s cheek…like a discoteque ball.