STRIKE! A pose....

by kim naci

There’s no crying in styling!

Yes, I’m paraphrasing.

But the message Coach Hanks delivered remains clear: wear it and commit to it.

Don’t second guess the beret you grabbed this morning, Faye Dunaway.  Own it.

Wearing heels? Act like it. Stop slouching and start strutting.

(Bumpy segway into my post with little to no relevance other than the photos above)

20 years ago A League of Their Own was released. Some designers were enthralled by the engineering of the women baseball uniforms. But I couldn’t stop staring at the Geena Davis ensembles. Whether it was the milk-maid pants she wore on the farm, the slip she was wearing as her team member got news of her soldier or the canary yellow hat she had tilted beautifully on her head while standing near the train.  Also have a soft spot for the tight dress Madonna borrowed that “wasn’t going to stay on for long!”