by kim naci

Too skinny. Too thick. Too old. Too short. 

Sounds like the text you sent your friends at the end of a date? 

I’m referring to is your collection of belts. Like a churro yearning for hot chocolate to plunge into (oh, Senorita Haque from 7th grade Spanish. If you only knew how the images in our textbook  ”Churros y Chocolate" inspired many designs in my career), sometimes a dress begs for a belt. 

Lifting my format right out of the pages of Marie Claire and their Splurge vs. Steal guide, Im about to divulge one of the biggest secrets behind SASS NEW YORK.


Now, climb back onto your chair and continue reading….

You see, often times we are left with a sloppy hug from a belt because we didn’t have the right one. A waist is a waist. Hips are hips. Two distinct belts are required. Wear a low-slung belt with a pencil skirt and you look like a failed hula-hoop contestant.

Green leather belt on left: Louis Vuitton - $360.00

Green leather belt on right: Forever21 - $1.50



…and just because it bears repeating: $1.50 

You have no excuses.