APRIL 23rd: Part I

by kim naci

The day glamour was redefined. Füsun Naci was born.

Its my mama's birthday today. She's in Istanbul right now at a class reunion. Its late, maybe 8pm. By now she's swiped most of her classmates lips with a bold red. Turned their modest crewnecks into v-necks with a yank of a few buttons. Swept one gals hair up while insisting upon the release of the mane of another.  Welcome to my destiny. 

Gems Ive learned from my mother:

*   velvet worn during the day creates ambiance and livens up a stagnant second grade.

*  everyone can be distracted by an open shoulder. use it wisely.

*  have the balls to wear a hat. the bigger. the better.

*  smile on the phone. people can hear it.

I love you, Annecim!