APRIL 23rd: Part II

by kim naci

GO GREEN. OR GO (to your massive carbon-footprint covered) HOME!

These designers make it okay for us to eat at Shake Shack.

My adorable friend  Stephanie Hoberman runs the show at Melissa shoes. These eco-kicks are not the jelly shoes you wore listening to Like A Prayer, my little boy toy. Impressive collabs with Vivienne Westwood and Zaha Hadid might make this your new flip flop! Give them a try and remember the words of Wham! - guilty feet have no rhythm.

Stella McCartney always keeps it classy. Even if it ain't leatha'.

And she's a mother too, so...hooray for pockets!

Don't compare yourself to these superheroes and get all mopey. Just go out a recycle something today. Guilt be gone!