by kim naci

This is how I imagined my commute on this glorious Spring Day....

...but this was my reality.

Regardless of your trans. mode, you're going to need some cute commuting kicks.

The warm gold color of the Kate Spade kicks makes it perfect for daytime. And the glitter helps you slip into the discotheque.

Feed your Francophile urges with these cute suede loafers by French Connection. Paired with a Nili Lotan trouser for work and Michael Kors signature white crotchet dresses for the warm weekends.

Different price points, sure. Both both Zara and Lanvin deliver the following:

1 - Chìc and comfy

2 - Nasty City-Summer-Feet (stash wet wipes in your purse or sneak out for a pedi at lunch!)