by kim naci

Bi-polar weather patterns in Gotham City means we don't get excited when we hear "SPRING FASHION." We proudly remain jaded New Yorkers.

But wait, what's this I see?


Michael Kors - a name synonymous with camel tones and nautical stripes - takes on color.

A whole lot of it...

I was thrilled when Marie Claire magazine and Michael Kors asked me to host MICHAEL KORS WEEK at Macy's (our staff is working diligently on having it recognized as a national holiday. Start planning your vacays!)

And just like that, the skies cleared. I shopped the collection #kidinacandystore, picked out my favorite mandarin dress, picked out my goes-with-everything shoe and picked up the microphone.

                               Photo credit: Alexander Kusak

                               Photo credit: Alexander Kusak

Truth. I have this dress in 3 colors. Its engineered perfectly and lends itself to heels and flats. How many dresses (with studs!) can make that bold a claim? Which brings me to footwear...

# WARDROBEUP was the buzz word at the event. Start with your shoes, and the rest will follow. Once you've got the right kicks you can think more clearly and not make impulse moves. Like buy movie tix to The Fate of the Furious just for the promise of a comfy seat.

To his loyal KOResponders, Michael didn't forget where he came from. The Spring 2017 collection has an abundant amount of nautical stripes with a trenchcoat that begs for a heist.

And so my dear jaded NYers, let's acknowledge a few things:

* The 2nd Avenue Subway is up and running.

* BookCourt ain't coming back.

* Spring has finally arrived.




"ALERT: Dangerous Storms on the move for New York area...."