Rag(s) and Bone

by kim naci

Ask any nail technician on Fulton Avenue. Im a sucker for taupe. If I haven’t chosen the racy IM NOT JUST A WAITRESS or the ubiquitous FISHNET STOCKING, then its taupe. Something about it appeals to my often squelched (and rightly so) earthy side. This also holds true for my lip color. L’oreal REALLY RED has a special place in my heart which sometimes makes room for MACs CHAI.

My beautiful sister Susan Naci lovingly refers to it as my “corpse” shade. 

The skirt and boot combo. Pretty Young Thing meets Tough Girl. Its not a relationship we haven’t seen before. My first viewing may have been by Tina Yothers. Fed up with the way Alex was treating her and the members of her band The Permanent Waves, Jennifer and the girls donned their denim jackets and walked off stage: the juxtaposition of chiffon and denim marked both the ultimate rebellion and the day I lost my fashion virginity. 

The boots are rag & bone. They are fabulous and have my approval. A client of mine who is a chef wore and lasted in them all day. Speaks volumes. The skirt is JCrew and ridiculously marked down. Treat it like a pair of jeans and wear it to Fairway or to get bullied at Duane Reade. Enjoy.

* after an unsuccessful search on google i couldnt find the name of Tina’s band. i knew that would not be acceptable. so strong was my dedication to this blog and the truth on which its based, i actually installed silverlight (?) to watch an old archived episode.