A little bird told me...to steal your designs

by kim naci

Last week I was asked to do a photo shoot for Travel & Leisure magazine. An hour before the shoot I was getting my hair blown out to create a head full of more waves than you know who in her red bathing suit. I actually said the words “make me look like Farrah Fawcett” and watched my hairstylist master control over every muscle in his face to keep from laughing. A text appears on my phone requesting that I wear a pair of skinny jeans to the shoot.


This request is coming form the Art Director so I oblige and out aside my views on said jeans. Time is running out and the only retailers between me and the shoot location are Endless Flax (please: someone explain this to me.) and Old Navy. The latter prevails. I reluctantly find a pair of skinny jeans and run towards the cashier. Wait…whats this? A beautiful bird motif straight from Carolina Herreras runway? I grab the navy AND the white. At the shoot, I’m wondering if I was played like a fiddle. Was I caught under the spell that - according to Portlandia - bird motifs concoct on the brain? At that moment two editors from the magazine came over and picked up the shirts. They swooned, asked me for the receipt and to kiss both shirts goodbye. Damn you, birds.