Hardware for the Man who likes to sparkle

by kim naci

He won’t be digging through your jewelry box any time soon, but men are starting to get a little…curious. 

My savvy friend Amy Hyde asked me “what jewelry options are there for men?” I looked at her and replied “I don’t know, whichever tampons suit their lifestyle, I guess.” She wasn’t amused and explained that aside from the tired cufflinks and watch, men didnt have many options to accessorize. She continued, halting the lame joke I had started about vaginas, that their anniversary is coming up and she wanted to give him something special to wear. Man Jewelry: Mewelry (just wait..it will stick!)

Miansai came into my life when my glamourous friend Sarika Rastogi wore this amazing bracelet to dinner last week. It was brutish like Kowalski but sexy in its simplicity. Molds like fish hooks and anchors cement your manhood. This type of Mewelry (driving it home, folks) won’t betray you, like a fratty puka shell necklace or a gold watch could. 

Gentleman, you are no longer forced to choose between Gekko or Spicoli.