In the end....we all design, no?

by kim naci

My talented friend Heather Sperber always said “Fact: Supermodels age differently than the rest of us.” Whether its letting themselves go gray like Carmen Dell’Orefice or having 200 babies like Heidi Klum, they always look just a little better than the rest of us doing the same.

And sure, anyone with a pulse and a purse nowadays have pronounced themselves fashion designers. But wait, that one name on the label of the gorgeous knit dress looks familiar. Claudia. As in Guess Jeans Claudia Schiffer?!?  The Spring List schooled me in Claudia Schiffer’s line. And its good. Damn good. Look at this adorable beach look.

She’s collaborating with cashmere kings in Germany because, well, she can. The line comes in at $400 - $1600. But for the rest of us holding our breathe as we click on the “Balance Inquiry” tab, check out the similar version by Asos on the right.  Just a cool $60…..For an unseemingly cool day like today.

Toúche, Mother Nature. Toúche.