Cloak & Dagger

by kim naci

Raindrops Keep Falling on…the flawless pleats of my gorgeous new trench!

Sunny weather be damned. Give me the rain and give me an excuse to show off these unapologetically feminine trench coats. Burberry, Doo.Ri and Junya…oh my!

When it seems like nothing in your closet is cooperating (Closet: 1 You: 0), these trench coats can double as dresses. That 2 looks in 1. And who doesn’t love a multi-tasker?

What would a Bond girl do? She would wear the trench, slip on a gorgeous necklace or cocktail ring from @FlutterNYC and pair it with some racy shoes.   

Now, where can I keep my gun so it doesn’t add “bulk” to my new look?